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How to Assess a Sermon?

Here are factors we consider to prepare and deliver sermons.

  • Biblically Faithful: Was the main point of the passage the main point of the sermon? Was the text explained in a way for the whole congregation to grasp the meaning? Was there appropriate attention given to context and ‘exegetical’ details?

  • Gospel-Centered: Was a clear, compelling articulation of the gospel present? Was the gospel a ‘theme’ throughout the message and not just tacked on at the end?

  • Christ-Exalting: Was Jesus the hero of the message? Was Christ painted as beautiful and worthy to be delighted in (i.e. we fight sin not simply by saying “no” but by delighting in Jesus)?

  • Addressing the Lost: If a lost person was present, were they directly addressed in a humble, yet bold way?

  • Engaging the Mind: Was there suitable attention given to the ‘intellectual’ aspects of the passage? Did the preacher help believers and non-believers see how the Christian faith is unique (i.e. apologetics)? Does the sermon promote thinking by asking thoughtful or thought-provoking questions?

  • Stirring of the Emotions: Was their suitable attention given to the ‘emotional/heart-level’ aspects of the passage? Did the preacher bring emotion to the text and try to get the congregation to ‘feel’ the weight of the passage? Was the preacher himself filled with genuine emotion?

  • Directing of the Will: Was there concrete application presented to challenge the congregation to act in a certain way or to believe/behold God?

  • Overall Delivery: Was there anything (i.e. repeated gestures, facial expressions, etc.) the preacher did or did not do that was distracting?

  • Heavenward Perspective: Did the sermon help listeners look forward to life with God in heaven? Did the sermon declare the glory of Christ in heaven? Did the sermon invite people to set their hope in God, who will grant, after tribulations, an abundant new life with Him in heaven?

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