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Church's Role in Children Discipling

The principles on children discipling presented below are intended to be applied out of love for God and care for people, with an attitude of humility, patience and encouragement.

Supporting Parents

We seek to partner with parents to disciple their children (Mat 28:20, Eph 6:4, Deu 6:5-7). This we do with the hope that children will receive the Gospel of Jesus (Eph 1:13), for the salvation of their souls and their delight in God.

Age-Appropriate Discipling

As a church, we strive to provide children with safe and age-appropriate discipling, typically in the form of Discipling Classes, before, during, or after worship services.

Nursery: We strive to provide parents with space to care for their young children, during worship services.

Children Discipling Classes: Our children discipling classes emphasize understanding of the Gospel (Mat 28:20) through coverage of the Bible storyline (Heb 1:2) and Bible topics central to the Christian faith (catechesis).

Towards Whole-Family Celebration: As soon as possible, we encourage mature children to receive God's word preached, with adults, in corporate gatherings.

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