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When you enter the building, you’ll have the chance to meet other members of the community before the service starts. As we gather to worship, you’ll find our music is varied including both traditional hymns and contemporary songs.


After singing and praying together, we listen to a biblical message. Typically, we work straight through books of the Bible, studying a passage of Scripture each week aiming to show what it reveals about God and means for our lives


The services last around 1.5 hours – you are welcome and encouraged to stay after to meet the pastors and other members of the community.


The sermons last around 45 minutes. Each sermon strives to faithfully explain what a passage of the Bible means and how it applies to our everyday lives.


Our music is varied including both hymns and contemporary songs. The priority for us is not style or genre, but biblical content, theological accuracy, and congregational accessibility. While we have musical accompaniment, we tend to emphasize hearing the congregation sing together.


Absolutely. We welcome all people to our gatherings. We aim to be a place for those who are curious and have questions about God but have never felt welcomed in church.


You’ll find some people wearing jeans and a t-shirt, while others like to dress up a bit more. We invite you to come as you are, dressed as you like.

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